General Conditions


These general conditions of service procurement constitute the entire agreement between LIVE IT OUT S.L. (referred to as LIVE IT OUT) and its online clients, all participants of its mobility programs (referred to as the PARTICIPANT).

Before confirming any transaction, the PARTICIPANT acknowledges and declares to accept the present general conditions from the moment he/she selects the button "I have read and accepted the General Conditions".


1/Services provided

LIVE IT OUT is a company specialized in international mobility and youth training programs. All services included on the website are exclusively related to the programs provided by LIVE IT OUT, which is why it is mandatory to have begun an inscription process to at least one of the programs to proceed to any payment of the services included on the website. 


2/Detailed hiring conditions

The PARTICIPANT acknowledges the detailed hiring conditions of each service indicated on screen and accepts them. The confirmation of the order materialize the acceptance of said conditions, just appliable to the order. 


3/ Order

The PARTICIPANT defines the order by clicking the button "Add to cart" or the basket icon next to each service. The service is added to a total list that collects every service selected by the PARTICIPANT. This total order is the one which the PARTICIPANT will confirm after accepting the General Conditions.

The LIVE IT OUT automatic register system acts as proof of the nature, content and date of the order.


4/Order confirmation

LIVE IT OUT will cofirm by email the reception of the PARTICIPANT's order just after the order confirmation. Once LIVE IT OUT checks the payment, it will be confirmed to the PARTICIPANT also by email.

LIVE IT OUT will contact THE PARTICIPANT if there is any problem with the payment, and will assist him/her to solve it, if possible.


5/ Validation of the services

Hired services will be validated once its payment has been confirmed by LIVE IT OUT



All prices are in euros (VAT included). Price charged to the PARTICIPANT is the one indicated in the order confirmation sent by LIVE IT OUT. The payment of the services will be made with credit card inside a secure enviroment of our server supplier. The charge in the credit card of the PARTICIPANT will be made in euros.


7/ Services information

All the information of every service incudes a basic description of itself. The detailed description is given to the PARTICIPANT in the moment he/she begins the inscription for a program. Accepting these general conditions, the PARTICIPANT declares to know and have every necessary information of each service, given by LIVE IT OUT or an authorised partner.


8/Security of the personal information (National Commission for Digital Data and Liberties)

LIVE IT OUT is obliged to protect your personal information. All personal data collect during your connection to our website will be only used to process your order. We will not sell, lease or share your personal information with anyone.


9/Requested information

By ordering any service through our website, you accept that LIVE IT OUT uses your personal information, shared by you or collected through the process. This information (name, email adress, mailing adress, credit card number, etc...) are necessary to process your order.


10/ Security of your personal information

The process of your order (containing personal information) is done through a secure server. Said server codes every peace of information before it is sent to us. In addition, the transmission of every message is protected from non-authorised access.


11/Cancellations and refunds

Cancellation and refunds possibilities of every service included on the website are defined by the following general cancellation conditions:

1. Visa Denial by the Spanish Consulate. If the student visa is denied by the Spanish Consulate, the Participant shall be entitled to the reimbursement of the costs of the program, except for 200€, that LIVE IT OUT will keep, as administrative and management incurred costs.

2. If the participant decides to leave the program before getting the visa authorization or denial, but after the Spanish Host Company has signed an agreement with the participant and LIVE IT OUT, the Participant shall not be entitled to any refund

3. Resignation after obtaining the student visa. If the participant decides to cancel or abandon the program once the visa has been approved, he/she will not be entitled to any refund.

4. Cancellation after arrival in Spain. If the participant decides to cancel the program, once he/she has already arrived in Spain or the Host Company fires him/her because the participant is breaking the Collaboration Agreement or the Training Plan conditions, the Participant shall not be entitled to any refund.

5. Cancellation by the host company. If the Host Company, with no reasonable cause, cancels or leaves the program before the participant starts his/her internship, LIVE IT OUT will have to make its best efforts to position the candidate in another host company in fifteen (15) days.



Any complaint regarding the payment of the services or their developement shall be written and sent to LIVE IT OUT during the program. Once it is finished, complaints will not be accepted by LIVE IT OUT.


13/Intellectual Property

This site has been created by LIVE IT OUT, owner of every intellectual property rihts of its content. THE PARTICIPANT shall not copy or download the whole or part of its content without express authorisation of LIVE IT OUT.


14/Contact us

If you have any question regarding the services offered by LIVE IT OUT on this website, you can contact us by email: